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Band History

Legendary Greek Prometheus Group was founded in 1966 in Brno.

Its first performance took place in Brno music club on Gorky Street , where a group of Prometheus introduced the audience to the following composition :

Nikiforos Mavrogenidis - lead guitar, vocals
Koulisianis Anastasios ( Taso ) - rhythm guitar , vocals
Giorgos Ioanidis - drums

In 1967, the group expanded to include bass player and singer Manolis Sideridis Giorgos Agatonikiadise ( Gulliver ) . After their departure in 1968, the group came bassist Themis Ioanidis and composition of musical instruments bouzouki first group added that Nikiforos Mavrogenidis imported from Greece.

During a tour in the then West Germany in 1969, emigrated brothers Giorgos and Themis Ioanidisové that followed the band replaced bassist Aris Angelidis and bouzouki player on the other Kozmas Terzenidis .

Before a performance in Switzerland in 1974 and left Kozmas Terzenidis group added bouzouki player on the other Sterios Katramadas and drummer Nikos Mitroas ( Mura ) .

After 1980 decided Aris Angelidis , Sterios Katramadas and Nikos Mitroas to return to his native Greece, Prometheus group played for two years in the composition of Nikiforos Mavrogenidis - bouzouki , Anastasos Koulisianis - guitar , Sofia Mavrogenidou - flute and vocals and Nikos Stambolidis - drums.

In 1982, she left the group Sofia Mavrogenidou and Nikos Stambolidis was replaced by drummer Kostas Charalambidis , who later also started playing the bouzouki .

1985 found the group composed of Kostas and Nikiforos Mavrogenidis Charalambidis - both bouzouki , Anastasios Koulisianis - guitar , Lubos Štefan - Bass and also briefly Roman Pozidis - guitar.

In 1990 he moved from his native Czech Republic to Greece, a founding member of the group , great bouzouki player and singer , Nikiforos Mavrogenidis and Anastasios Koulisianis quit playing for health reasons.

Under the same name Prometheus then continues the tradition of this music group up to date on bouzouki player Kostas Charalambidis , Irini Koronaki and Sofia Asarlidu - singing , guitar - Konstantin Charalambidis . Dimitris guests Mistakidis - drums - bass Radek Spot .

Prometheus Group has to its credit for the entire period of its existence countless concerts , performances at public and private events (celebrations of the Greek festivals, weddings ) , music festivals , as an accompaniment of major Greek artists such as . Eleftheriadou Martha and Tena , Frost Tarasidu or as accompaniment Greek dance troupes .

The group was again a guest on Czech television, amongst other shooting with rosemary, and also in the Czech Radio. Can be considered as significant a collaboration with director Karl Fuks. Group Prometheus was a very popular guest at annual events Brno legend Franz Kocourka with which members of the group enjoyed a long friendship.

Popular locations in which the band performed as part of their concerts , ranks Brno club at the Queen Elizabeth , Vídeňka , U or Cossack Meeting House . The band played under a separate concert in Prague's Lucerna also . In addition Brno and other cities with large Greek community group acts Prometheus virtually throughout the Czech Republic and also abroad (Slovakia, Germany , Austria or Switzerland ) .